Improving the ROI on Your HVAC Equipment

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Preventative Maintenance Return on Investment

AAON Preventive Maintenance greatly improves performance and maximizes the efficiency of your outside air ventilation systems, ensuring that your systems run at optimal service levels. Scheduled preventive maintenance drastically reduces repair costs and extends the life of your investment. Not performing preventive maintenance can cut that life span in half. Proper preventive maintenance also ensures units will meet OSHA air quality standards.

Our factory-recommended Preventative Maintenance for AAON consists of:

  • Programming and re-programming of control units.
  • AAON units operate 24/7 and bring in 100% outside air. This factor allows for a buildup of debris inside the coils and interior of the unit that requires a thorough cleaning of key coils and components:
  • Evaporator Coils
  • Condenser Coils
  • Reheat Coils
  • Manufacturer software updates will be performed in Preventive Maintenance. These updates keep the equipment operating at optimum levels and correct operational issues.
  • Cleaning of drain line and drain pan to ensure there is proper drainage with no backup of water in drain pan that may cause water leaks.
  • Cleaning of inside and outside of cabinets to prevent rust buildup on outside of unit and debris buildup inside of cabinets that may hinder quality of air distributed throughout the building.

Average AAON replacement cost based on industry standards

The average annual repair cost for AAON’s is $5,400 per year. Preventive Maintenance lowers repairs cost by approximately 40% per year. Thus realizing a $2,160.00 per unit per year savings.

Between life expectancy savings and lower repair costs, you realize approximately an average annual savings of $7,785.00 per unit.
AAON price per unit per visit = $450.00

All Florida Mechanical Services
  • Tightening of all connections.
  • AAON units run 24/7, so connections tend to loosen up, so it’s important to retighten in Preventive Maintenance.
  • Inspection of all electrical contacts to ensure proper voltage and amperage are being distributed.
  • Record all amp draws and refrigerant pressures to keep for maintenance records.
  • Assessment of all sensors
  • Replacement of filters so quality of outside air meets OSHA air quality standards.
  • Troubleshooting if necessary, at time of Preventive Maintenance, and suggest repairs if any needed.
  • Experienced advice for maintaining your unit.
  • Detailed inspection report
  • Train maintenance personnel how to troubleshoot using handheld AAON service tool.
  • We average 4-man hours on each unit to provide proper PM service.

*Recommendation for non-coastal locations is (2) Preventive Maintenance per year. Recommendation for coastal properties is (4) Preventive Maintenance per year. At a minimum, all properties coastal or non-coastal require (2) Preventive Maintenance per year.